The 17th Anniversary and Christmas Dinner and Dance

220 happy Lions and friends celebrated the 17th Anniversary of Vancouver Cambie Lions Club in Radisson Hotel of Richmond.  Our special performing guests Michael Samson and Friends brought so much fun to the audience throughout the entire evening.

President Lion Raymond Wong sent a great contragulation message with 18 points and a long list of people to thank for.  It can be summarized by the 3 of the paragraphs he wrote.

“I got home almost 1:30 am last night, I was so excited that I could not go to sleep right away as I was keep refreshing our 17th Annivsary Party, another successful one.
The whole party was so perfect organised, I think the party was flawless. As the President and on behalf of VCLC, I like to thanks the following members for their achievement towards the party .

I am so much lucky and enjoy working with you all, Can’t ask for any better.All the best to you all and VCLC.”

Don’t forget the slideshow below!

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