Thank you for supporting the CCTV event on April 22!

Thank you note from President Lion Dr Vivian Lo, “I would like to thank all the VCLC members who volunteered and attended this meaningful event. We have raised app. $5000 from this event. The beneficiaries Horizons School and Villa Cathay will share the proceeds.

My sincere gratitude is extended to the volunteers coming from Vansowers Society of Education, Villa Cathay Care Home and BCCSA who spent nearly the whole day for the event. Our honorable judges, different groups of performers and the staff of the Aberdeen Centre did contribute to an important part to our success.

There were outside volunteers such as Sara, Sally, Phyllis and Davis who were our nameless hero. I likewise thank Robert and Kee for their gorgeous photos.

The last but not the least is my sincere thanks to Rachel, Marco and Michael who worked for the event devotedly. They are the hope and builder of our future.

Thank you all for your participation and support! You are my heroes!

Successful Anniversary Dinner !!

Please note President Lion Vivian Lo’s thank you note to all who supported the event.

“Dear Co-chairs, Directors and Members of VCLC,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support to our Christmas Party. Although we came across many challenges and difficulties when preparing it, we had a fruitful and memorable one yesterday. Gratefully, we were able to raise the funds we were looking forward to.

First of all, I deeply thank our Co-chairs, Raymond, Elsie, Menjou and May for their devoted contributions to the event and without their efforts, our Party could not come true. Treasurer Emilie, and the team of receptionists were busy the whole night collecting money. Secretary Jose and deputy Jocelyn have helped with the Party months ago. Other members such as Susanne, Roger, Thomas, Francesca, Yehen….. every member in our Club collaboratively interwove the gorgeous results that we experienced last night. Of course, our Gold MC, Johnny, became the soul of the event for he controlled the time well and elevated the spirit of event and all these resulted in a coherent program. The voice of our CP, Daniel was especially sweet last night and I thank him for arranging part of the amazing programs. The last but not the least would be the fantastic participation of our Club Branch Members. President Rachel, Treasurer Yik Chung, member Marco did their best to support us. Actually, our new CB member, Michael Liu stayed behind to help us  tidy up the venue until 12 midnight.

I would also extend my heartfelt gratitude to our volunteer photographers, Kee Siu and David Low, and many nameless heroes that helped put forth our event. Joyce and Robert of Villa Cathay have supported us in many different ways and my wordless thanks to them.

Consistent with the spirit of Lionism, we aim at serving the community unselfishly and unconditionally. With beautiful team work, we actualized our dream by making a step forward in building a new home for the seniors and have our mission escalated.

I am extremely proud of each of you and please give yourself a BIG HAND J

Kindest regards,


溫哥華甘比獅子會 慈善名驅同樂日

溫哥華甘比獅子會將於九月二十四日(星期日)上午十時至下午四時於列治文Lansdowne Shopping Centre 舉辦“慈善名驅同樂日”,在停車場將有名車試駕,每駕駛提供的車輛一次,贊助的車行將捐款二十五元予甘比獅子會,所得善款會部分捐贈華宮安老院作該院重建計劃之用,而另一受惠者為卑斯省山火災民,希望能夠援助他們燃眉之急。



如對上述活動有任何疑問,請致電Raymond (778-699-9210) 或電郵甘比獅子會,你的支持,能夠幫助大家建設一個更美好的社會,更燦爛的將來!

President’s message regarding summer BBQ

Dear directors and members of VCLC,


I am writing to update you that we had a very joyful and exciting BBQ yesterday. We had a lot of fun! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Menjou for going to the site early in the morning to secure a spot and setting up the tent for us. Besides, he also grilled the meat for hours. May had been spending weeks of time in calling people for different matters of the event. Without the diligent support of this wonderful couple, we could not have this successful event. They deserve a big applause from us.


I would like to thank Raymond for delivering the food, Jose for buying the super sweet watermelon, Miranda and Beatrice for planning the games and those who participated in this event that reflects our traditional motto “Work hard and play hard.”


The last but not the least, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Robert, who could not have sufficient time for food and games because he spent most of his time taking photos for us. Please find below a link for the photos. It’s also my honor to have the participation of Joyce, my good friend from Villa Cathay. It would be sincerity and passion for better lives that connect the members’ hearts of the two groups.

Thank you very much! I love you all 


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