President’s message regarding summer BBQ

Dear directors and members of VCLC,


I am writing to update you that we had a very joyful and exciting BBQ yesterday. We had a lot of fun! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Menjou for going to the site early in the morning to secure a spot and setting up the tent for us. Besides, he also grilled the meat for hours. May had been spending weeks of time in calling people for different matters of the event. Without the diligent support of this wonderful couple, we could not have this successful event. They deserve a big applause from us.


I would like to thank Raymond for delivering the food, Jose for buying the super sweet watermelon, Miranda and Beatrice for planning the games and those who participated in this event that reflects our traditional motto “Work hard and play hard.”


The last but not the least, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Robert, who could not have sufficient time for food and games because he spent most of his time taking photos for us. Please find below a link for the photos. It’s also my honor to have the participation of Joyce, my good friend from Villa Cathay. It would be sincerity and passion for better lives that connect the members’ hearts of the two groups.

Thank you very much! I love you all 


Summer BBQ

– Event Chair: Lion May and Lion Emilie

July 25th, 2015 at Garry Point Park

President’s thank you note to all after the event,
“… I thank Dr. Menjou for set up the shade and brought a no. of folding chairs for us. The sound system and the songs were wonderful! I also thank May for going to the shop early to pick up the meat and taking a lot of trouble for preparing the salad. Special thanks for Emilie for helping with the arrangement. This afternoon we had a lot of fun for playing the games prepared by Miranda who has a lot of talents and we should make full use of her in the future. The watermelon was extraordinary sweet and it seems Jose has a special technique choosing it. IPP Elsie is always pretty and smart. Alison and Beverly could run very fast and our event was highlighted by the participation of Yvonne and Cindy, the other halves of our members. The last but not the least member, Thomas, did enjoy the food very much.
Well done, everybody! I am proud of you!”

Volunteer Appreciation Summer BBQ has taken place on August 15th, 2010

It is a perfectly sunny day.  The scene is perfectly beautiful.  The food is perfectly good.  Our guests are perfectly great.  I think we are perfectly having fun!  It is perfect!  President Menjou said it all.

“Dear Lion Members’

Thanks to Chairs Raymond and May, we had a successful Volunteer BBQ party yesterday with the cooperation of good weather. Special mention goes to Raymond, his wife Bing San for going at 8:30am in the morning to reserve a good and convenient sport for us, and especially Bing San for attending to the BBQ all day. IPP Johnny for picking up the meat supply, moving the BBQ, counting and setting up the jar of candy for the game. PP Thomas and CP Daniel for the quiz and game contests. Lion Dorothy for making and decorating three delicious salads.

It was very gracious of Mr. Kelly Chow of Dollar Meat to donate the Maui ribs, and grace our party with his wife Sharon and their children. A special thanks to Mr. Philip Hui of Quantum Seafood who donated the delicious salmon which is good either cooked or raw. PP Harold brought a loudspeaker which saved our vocal cords.

It was too bad that the parking was so limited. Lion Clarence came even though he was a little under the weather, but he had to leave because he couldn’t get a parking spot. He shown the true Lion spirit. I understood that his case is not unique. Maybe we have to carpool or find a spot with more parking next year.

Lion Menjou Hui
President ”