Radio-Telethon – Chinese Community Fundraising CCS

Another wonderful year!  $108,000 raised for a day of hard work!  Thank you all volunteers!

On April 12th, 2014 Saturday, Vancouver Cambie Lions Club and volunteers spent the whole day taking public’s pledge to support Canadian Cancer Society’s annual Telethon fund raising event.  The event features stories of real-life cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.  Volunteers organized into 3 shifts covering from 11am till 12 midnight at the phone center at which we take calls from all over the country.  We definitely had a great time giving back to our community on that day.

Special thanks to great food and treat from President Elsie, IPP Clement and PP Raymond!  Thank you all volunteers!
Words from event Chair Vivian,
“I sincerely thank our President for adding more food for the volunteers at the telephone center. I have never seen so much food for a similar event.  BTW, we also extended a friendly hand to volunteers from other groups. They shared our good food and warm friendship. This is the real meaning of this event.
I thank Bonnie and Johnny who had invited many of their friends who added excellent help to us. Clement and Raymond bought tasty cold drinks for our members. Clement and Virginia arrived at the venue at 10:30am and they spent much effort making the event a success. I believe all volunteers also enjoyed the fresh fruit prepared by me.

This is an amazing event anyway for it showed the remarkable leadership of our beautiful President and the benevolent big hearts from all of you!”

Photo Gallery

(above) Our members at pre-tape promo

(below) Our members at phone center on event day


Junior Club Branch visited our April regular meeting / Election meeting

April Regular Meeting is also our Election Meeting.  With support from the current board and members, President Lion Elsie is re-elected to remain in position for the coming year.  What kind of support is she getting?  All current board members remain in the board except for one and 2 new members step up to be elected into the board resulting in a bigger and stronger Board for next year.  Way to go President Lion Elsie!

Board of Directors elected for 2014-2015 is as followed.

President Elsie Tse, 1st VP Lion Dr Vivian Lo, 2nd VP Lion PP Thomas Tong, 3rd VP Lion PP Raymond Wong, Secretary Lion PP Jose Ip, Treasurer Lion Bonnie Ng, IPP Lion Clement Leung, Tail Twister Lion Virginia Leung as well as directors Lion May Hui, Lion PP Dr Menjou Hui, new director Lion Emilie Huang, Lion PP Johnny Lo, new Director Lion Iven Tse and Lion Roger Wong.

Congratulation new Board!