We made it again! Another great project for Canadian Cancer Society

What fantastic news! With the unwavering dedication of our hardworking members and the incredible generosity of all our supporters and donors, the Vancouver Cambie Lions Club is thrilled to announce that we’ve rounded up our Golden Rabbit and Telethon projects with a dazzling donation of $9,690 for the Canadian Cancer Society!

This achievement is a testament to the power of unity and the boundless kindness within our community. Together, we’re making a significant impact in the fight against cancer and providing crucial support to those affected by it.

Hip-hip-hooray to the Vancouver Cambie Lions Club for this outstanding accomplishment! Your enthusiasm, commitment, and goodwill are truly changing lives and spreading hope. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this remarkable success!

Charity Toy Sales

Thanks to tremendous support we recieve from the public, fellow sponsors, Cambie Leos members and the full team of Vancouver Cambie Lions under the leadership of President Lion Raymond, event chairperson PP Lion Thomas, PP Lion Jose and PP Lion Johnny, our Charity Toy Sales fundraising campaign has been running very well.  Now that January and February Mall Sales is over, if you like to buy the toy you may either buy online here or contact us.  You can also contact any of our members.

Thank you for your support in this fund raising campaign for Canadian Cancer Soceity.

Buyer from out of town can buy the toy online.  Click here to buy.

Volunteers at Mall Sales – just see how much fun we’ve had.
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