Test Drive for Charity

Date: October 18, 2014 Lansdowne Mall Richmond

“Who Stopped the Rain?Thank God, we had a wonderful and nice day for our test drive event.We have raised $1800.00 from the Event. Another team effort to make it happened.

On behalf of VCLC and myself,I like to thanks all the support from:

1. Dueck GM (Nickie)

2. Lansdowne Mall Management .

3. All VCLC team members, our long time associate Joe has been very helpful, stayed for the whole event , helping out the whole time , Lion Bonnie has changed all their customer’s appointments schedule and helping out.Thanks .

Ben San has helped out early in the morning transporting vehicles back and forth and helping for the registration.Thanks

Menjou, May, Elsie, Thomas  has stayed behind after the event.Thanks

Menjou and May running around to check the price for the tent.Thanks

Raymond got the tent 10 minus before store closing time.Thanks

Raymond has picked up extra tables and Chairs from vivian arrangement with her friends.Thanks

Vivian has organized all media and contacts .We were on the newspaper this morning.Thanks

Michael Yu has done a good job with our poster and banners in the last rush hours and good price.Thanks

Jose has stayed for the whole time helping out inside and outside.Thanks

Thanks to Iven,Emiliie,Jeremy,IPP Clement ,Virgina ,Miranda who have helped out the event.

Thanks to all our friends who has came and participated our event.”  … PP Raymond Wong