Chinese Canadian Talent Contest

Chinese Canadian Talent Contest 2016 Poster - VCLC, Leos, Club Branch
Chinese Canadian Talent Contest 2016 Poster - VCLC, Leos, Club Branch

Chinese Canadian Talent Contest 2016 Poster


Final Contest : April 9th, 2016 at Aberdeen Centre.

Co-organized by Vancouver Sowers Society of Education & Vancouver Cambie Lions Club


Sponsored by Club Branch, Vancouver Cambie Lions Club & Vancouver Cambie Leo Club

Semi-Final Contest: April 2, 2016 at Community Mental Wellness Association of Canada

Final Contest: April 9, 2016 at Aberdeen Centre, Richmond


To raise funds for the Horizons of Richmond School District that provides services for the students of the local community.
To provide a platform for students to strengthen their language skills in both English and Chinese languages and encourage cooperation through games and activities.
To provide an opportunity for the young people to train themselves to be proficient leaders and enhance their passion for community services.

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Joint-Installation with Vancouver Cambie Leos Club

We will be installation the incoming Board of Directors of Vancouver Cambie Lions Club and Vancouver Cambie Leos Club.  It is our honor to have DG Lion Shella Keung to install the two new Boards for us.  Part proceed goes to Strathcona Community Dental Clinic.  Please note event info as followed.  Contact PP Lion Jose for ticket.

Date: June 28th, 2013 Friday
Time: 6:30pm Reception 7:00pm Dinner
Venue: Kirin Seafood Restaurant, 201 City Square, 555 West 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC

Wonderful time at Spelling Bee 2013!

Cambie Lions and Leos at Spelling Bee on May 13, 2013
May 13, 2013


FINAL: MAY 12, 2013 (SUNDAY)

Final contest went super well at Aberdeen Center on the sunny afternoon on Sunday.  All candidates had demonstrated great attitude toward the contest, obviously they studied really hard.  Secretary Lion Vivian has informed us that a minimum of $5000 was raised for Project Eagle.

Cambie Leos members have demonstrated dedication and good organizational skill in delivering the stage event.  Good job Leos!

Vancouver Cambie Leos Spelling Bee Contest on May 6th (Sunday)

Right around the corner on the calendar is our Spelling Bee Event!  Please see event chairperson Lion Dr Vivian Lo’s words below.

“Please be reminded that the Final of Spelling Bee 2012 will be held on Sunday, May 6 from 2pm to 5pm at the Aberdeen Centre. We will have great times then and please join us as far as possible … I request that you wear your uniform (brown blazer) if you come and we try to have an opportunity to take a group picture with the participants near the end of the event. It is a grand and enjoyable event every year.

FYI, we have raised app. $6100 (cost $1500) at this point and look forward to raising 1 to 2 more thousand dollars on the event day. Your support will certainly make a difference!”

So come and support our Leos this Sunday!

TV-Radio-Telethon for Canadian Cancer Society

Once again, Vancouver Cambie Lions together our Leos, families and friends made this meaningful event a successful one!  From morning to mid-night, thanks to the hardwork of all members, we managed the phone center perfectly.  Not to list all the names because it will be very long, but nevertheless, big thanks to all participating volunteers, we have raised over $90,000 forCCS that day alone!

Great Job Cambie Lions!

Charity Toy Sales

Thanks to tremendous support we recieve from the public, fellow sponsors, Cambie Leos members and the full team of Vancouver Cambie Lions under the leadership of President Lion Raymond, event chairperson PP Lion Thomas, PP Lion Jose and PP Lion Johnny, our Charity Toy Sales fundraising campaign has been running very well.  Now that January and February Mall Sales is over, if you like to buy the toy you may either buy online here or contact us.  You can also contact any of our members.

Thank you for your support in this fund raising campaign for Canadian Cancer Soceity.

Buyer from out of town can buy the toy online.  Click here to buy.

Volunteers at Mall Sales – just see how much fun we’ve had.