Our Signature Fund Raising Campaign for Canadian Cancer Society – “Charity Gold Rooster” is here!

Charity Gold Rooster 2017 Canadian Cancer Society

Charity Gold Rooster for 2017

Charity Gold Rooster 2017

Charity Gold Rooster 2017

Yeah! It is the time of year about Giving and Gifting. Our traditional charity project – Charity zodiac animal has been launched. Thanks to all sponsors and members’ support, we are please to announce the launch of this year’s campaign. Please see poster below or contact event chairperson for more information.


Annual Fundraising Event for Canadian Cancer Society – Charity Gold Snake

Guests who attended our 18th anniversary party had a sneak peak of the real thing.  The Charity Gold Snake of 2013, the featured item for the annual fundraising event for Canadian Cancer Society has been shown to the guests first hand.  Over 100 units had been sold during the event thru sponsorship sign-up.

We have cancelled Mall Sales for 2013.  That means the only way public can get their hands on this item is through our generous sponsors.